Who We Are

Growing up on family farms in rural Manitoba gave Amber and Steve Dziver the experience and knowledge from which they have drawn from to create their new business and space at 1366 Grant Ave in Winnipeg. The newly designed and constructed Essential Balance Health and Wellness Center is a true reflection of hard work, dedication, and love for others.

Amber and Steve were born and raised in the Parkland region of Manitoba, attending Rossburn Collegiate where they graduated together in the Class of ’97. Always keeping busy and learning along the way while helping on the family farm gave them both the work ethic that shows today in their businesses and personal lives.

After a short stint in Brandon to get their feet wet in “The City”, they moved to Winnipeg to pursue post secondary education. Amber attended Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy graduating in 2000 while Steve attended the University of Manitoba graduating with a BSc. in Agriculture in the spring of 2001.

Over the past 20+ years Amber has owned and operated a successful Remedial Massage Therapy business and for the last 8 years has broadened her Health and Wellness services to provide Microscopic Blood Analysis to generations of patients looking to support and improve their personal well being. Amber is also a Holistic Nutritionist and provides her clientele with guidance surrounding nutritional aid and supplements to support lifestyles of the 21st century.

Steve has stayed true to their farming roots using his agricultural degree to support the industry that he loves. In addition to operating their grain farm in the Parkland region of MB, Steve has spent the last 21 years specializing in livestock and grain risk management providing services to independent farm organizations and corporate businesses across Canada and the US Midwest. Steve is also involved in Agricultural Asset Management helping businesses and producers succeed within the industry.

Amber and Steve along with their two teenage sons have called Winnipeg home for over 20 years. From their rural beginnings until today they have stood by their family roots and created a place for entrepreneurs, like themselves, to flourish and are excited to provide a place for businesses to succeed.